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Statewide Summary Report Schedule

Statewide Summary Reports provide EPPs with summaries of aggregated test scores for their candidates. The CAT Statewide Summary Report, which is based on an administration month, is posted one month following the end of the administration month. The PBT Statewide Summary Report, which is based on administration date, is posted one day after each administration's constructed-response scores are reported to candidates. See the 2012-13 posting dates (PDF).

Also available are annual (CAT and PBT) Statewide Summary Reports. These reports contain the same information as the monthly and administration-based reports, but summarize the data for the entire testing year. The annual Statewide Summary Score Reports for CAT and PBT covering the 2012-13 testing year are available in the Administrator section under Reports\Score Reports. Reports for the 2013-14 testing year will be posted in mid October.